Wednesday, July 17, 2024

    Fan Sues Kevin Hart After Alleged Brutal Assault By His Security Team

    With the huge achievements Kevin Hart has garnered this year, bad news can’t just stop tainting the comedic genius’ image. Just days after he allegedly cheated on his wife with a mystery woman, Kevin Hart is in spotlight again, as a fan has filed a lawsuit against him, claiming that Hart’s security team beat him up badly, threatened to use a taser on him and called him a “p***y” and a “b***h.”According to documents obtained by TMZ, the fan in question says the incident happened during a Hart concert in Philadelphia back in 2015. The beat-down took place in the backstage area, resulting in blows to his neck, head, rib cage and shoulders. There isn’t any clear indication in the documents as to why the fan was detained by Hart’s security team, but it’s clear that the fan means business. He’s asking for more than $50,000, stating that the comedian must take full responsibility for the actions of those who work for him.At the time of this writing, neither a lawyer for the fan who is suing Hart, nor any of the actor’s representatives, have commented publicly on the situation. Who knows if this new batch of legal trouble will have any lasting effects on his PR image.Photo Credit: Getty

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