Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Europe’s Largest Oil Refinery Shut Down After Fire Incident

Royal Dutch Shell said on Tuesday that Europe’s largest oil refinery will be shut for at least two weeks following a weekend fire, with the prolonged shutdown threatening to tighten gasoline and diesel markets in Europe.The Rotterdam-based refinery, which can process 400,000 barrels a day of crude at peak capacity, was forced to shut down the majority of units after a blaze in its power generation system. The shutdown comes at a time of heightened demand for motor fuels as holidaymakers take to the roads during the summer months.During the early hours of Sunday morning there was a fire in the refinery, caused by short-circuiting in a high voltage cable. Shell shut the refinery down, which resulted in extra gas that needed to be flared off. That led to explosions and spectacular flames in the night sky.Photo Credit: Getty

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