Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Diddy Combs Tells All About Gang Warfare In The 90’s As He Cover’s ES Magazine

The 47-year-old triple Grammy Award-winning artist and entrepreneur, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs formerly known as Puff Daddy covers the latest issue of ES Magazine. He talks about gang warfare in the early days of his music career and how stressful and dangerous it was during a tell-all interview with ES magazine. Diddy has been a pioneering voice in the hip-hop business since the 90s and even till date. He reveals detail about gang warfare being whipped up so between the rappers in LA (centred around Death Row Records) and those in New York (around Bad Boy). According to him, ‘Everyone was in a war zone, and if you wasn’t a soldier…It was so big, so global, so crazy. I’ve never seen anything like that happen. The whole world split and everyone had to choose a side.’ The entrepreneur also touched upon music’s portrayal of women, revealing that these days his ‘platform’ is education, children and women of colour. 
‘It’s something I am focused on as a person with cultural influence. It’s a cliché. There’s still some of that in hip-hop, but I would say it was 75 per cent less than it was. The best way is by leading by example and showing that generation that our queens are important.’ Sean spoke passionately about racism, likening the treatment and perception of African Americans to a ‘human rights crime’.
Credit: ES Magazine

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