Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Curvy Style: Christina Hendricks Is The Curvy Goddess Of Hollywood

American actress Christina Hendricks is one unique curvy lady, who exemplifies style and understands how well to dress to fit her body type as a fashionable person. Best known for her role as Joan on AMC’s “Mad Men,” the buxom redhead has proven to be a budding face for plus size fashion and the true example of big, bold and beautiful. Her love for fashion is clearly evident in the way she dresses and we love her sense of style.Oftentimes, women with more flesh have been downgraded when it comes to being fashionable and sexy and the 42-year-old has heard the most of it. Christina is always provoked when being referred to as “full-figured.” During one of her interviews with Australia’s Sun Herald, fashion editor Kate Waterhouse called Hendricks just that, hitting a major nerve with the actress. “I think calling me full-figured is just rude,” Hendricks replied.Photo Credit: Getty

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