Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Copyright Lawsuit Filed Against Kylie Jenner Over Art Work For Reality Show Promo

Yet Another lawsuit! Seems like our favourite TV show star is not having a smooth ride with her big business plans. Kylie Jenner who recently suffered a backlash alongside her sister Kendall Jenner for selling vintage music T-shirts with the faces of legendary hiphop icons and were later sued by photographer Michael Miller who claims they ‘misappropriated and wrongfully exploited’ his work as their images were printed over his snaps of legendary rapper Tupac.The 19-year-old make-up mogul is being accused of copying an experienced painter’s work as reported by TMZ. In legal documents obtained by the publication, Sara Pope claims Jenner copied her ‘Temptation Neon’ logo in order to use it for promotional materials for Kylie’s reality show.’ According to the documents obtained by TMZ, the artist said she created the art piece in 2015.


A similar piece featuring glossy set of lips lined by neon lights could be seen at the very beginning of the first Life Of Kylie trailer as well as all over social media.s Sources close to the reality show later told TMZ that the design in question was created by a third party and Jenner had nothing to do with the process.


Photo Credit: Getty

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