Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Controversy! Forever 21 ‘Reportedly’ Sues Gucci Over Stripe Designs

It’s amazing how Gucci’s main design-signature has always been ‘stripes’ but it’s even more surprising to find out they are being sued for ‘their’ trademark but that’s not left to us to judge and we are very much positive famous fashion retail house Forever 21 has seen something we might not be seeing and has decided to file a lawsuit against Gucci for the right to sell merchandise with stripes.Apparently Gucci sent the retail giant multiple cease and desist letters since last December demanding that they stop copying the blue-red-blue and green-red-green stripe combinations that have become synonymous with the luxury brand.Gucci stated that the stripes are “confusingly similar” to their own and demanded that Forever 21 halt the sales of the infringing products, which includes chokers, bomber jackets and sweaters.In a weird way, Forever 21 is now seeking the legal rights to continue using the stripes and requesting that the court cancels Gucci’s current stripe trademarks, which they’ve held since the 80s. The company is also asking the court to deny similar pending applications. We wonder how this is going to play out and if you have any idea, please feel free to share.Credit: Getty

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