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Chloe Khan Admits She Can’t Breathe Or Smell After Nose-Job With A Surgeon She Stalked On Instagram

The former Celebrity Big Brother star and Playboy model Chloe Khan has spent thousands of pounds on cosmetic surgery. This Morning with hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford,  she revealed the devastating side effects the extreme and expensive plastic surgery she had in Ukraine has left. The nose job which was her second after she felt her first wasn’t drastic enough, left her struggling to breathe and smell.Giving details on how she has spent £100k on surgeries which include a nose job, lip enhancement, breast augmentation, liposuction, and bottom enlargement (known as Brazilian Butt Lift), the 24-year-old admitted came clean with the challenges she’s facing with the rhinoplasty.Speaking to the hosts she said: ‘I can’t breathe or smell through my nose anymore’. Explaining that she’s spent an incredible £100k on overall surgery, Chloe admitted she thought she had done thorough research before committing to a new surgeon for her additional nose job- after she was unhappy with the results of her first one.‘My first nose surgery was on Harley Street, a British surgeon, conservative and minimal. He didn’t want it to look freakish but I wanted it to be small. They wouldn’t do what I wanted,’ she said, her reason for deciding against returning to them.’‘I stalked this surgeon for two years on Instagram’, she said, explaining her journey to finding her new doctor. ‘He looked amazing. I looked at lots of different options, but it looked as though he was the best in the world, and he was in the Ukraine so I went there.I felt this guy in Ukraine would do exactly what I wanted’. But she was left more than disappointed with the results, slamming the surgeon. ‘I woke up during surgery,’ she described, horrifically. ‘It was a disaster from the get go’. ‘I have to tape it 20 hours a day  with a roll of medical tape,’ she revealed angrily.‘It looks okay because it’s the morning right now, but in three hours it will look worse’. I feel embarrassed to talk about it, and it’s stupid, I wake up with nose bleeds, I can’t smell perfume.. but it’s a vanity thing’, she admitted.And she plans to go for a third nose job to correct it yet again. ‘I’m waiting until January and someone else will correct it for me, she said. Despite having copious amount of surgery, the mother-of-one is surprisingly not a fan of the procedures. ‘I hate having surgery, I don’t actually like it,’ she admitted. But it won’t stop her having more. ‘I wouldn’t rule out more surgery but right now, no, don’t want any’, she ended.Photo Credit: Getty

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