Sunday, July 14, 2024

The Carters! Beyonce & Jay Z ‘Reportedly’ Unveil The Names Of New Twins

First fans couldn’t wait for the twins to be out and after-which they couldn’t keep calm as to what names Beyonce and her heartthrob will be giving the twins. Some speculated it was going to be names from colours just like their first princess ‘Blue-Ivy’ but just a little bit of disappointment hit the net just as the couple ‘reportedly’ gave their new babies normal names you wouldn’t have ever imagined.Beyoncé and Jay Z (whose real name is Shawn Carter)’s newly-arrived son will be called Shawn after his father, while their little girl will be named Bea, which is the shortened version of Beatrice meaning “she who brings happiness”. Although, the infant’s names have not been officially announced.Credit: Getty

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