Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Bonang Matheba Announces The Launch Of Her Emoji Line Bmoji

Media darling Bonang Matheba has announced the launch of her emoji line, Bmoji by Bonang. The highly anticipated line of emojis from the TV personality, businesswoman and published author will give fans an animated look inside her opulent lifestyle, including the Queen’s fashion and beauty essentials, with witty, naughty and fan favourite phrases made popular by Matheba.Matheba also recently premiered her reality series Being Bonang and launched her first book, entitled From A to B. In her quest to rule the app world, Queen B will also launch her very own mobile app later this year.She will share exclusive and intimate content, ensuring fans are always keeping up with her activities. Until then, fans and social media enthusiasts can download Bmoji by Bonang on the App Store and Google Play.

Photo Credit: Bonang Matheba

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