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Beauty DIY: How To Do Your Full Daytime Makeup

Makeup has so far become one thing every KOKOnista really want to learn as these days, we have the number of makeup artists on an increase but the main question is how long would you want to keep running to a makeup artist when you can be one yourself especially with simple daytime makeup.On KOKO’s beauty DIY series for this week, we will be sharing easy and straight forward tips on how to do your full daytime makeup yourself.Apply Your Foundation
As the term applies, when it comes to making up, ‘foundation’ is the first thing you have to apply as this plays a huge role on how your makeup turns out. When checking out what foundation goes perfectly with your skin, it’s always advisable to try and match it to your neck rather than your face as you want your face colour to blend seamlessly between the two.Apply Your Concealer
This makeup element serves different purposes but the amazing thing is that, there are all optional. But if you choose to apply your concealer, then if you’re want to use it on your foundation, just make sure it blends with your foundation colour and your skin-tone. If it’s for your eyeshadow, then first on your eyelid before applying your desired eyeshadow colour and style. For your lip area, you can use your concealer to trace or erase edge-stained lipstick which means, you can only apply this makeup after your lipstick has been worn.Curl Your Lashes
By doing curling-up your lashes, you are simply getting it set for transformer. For this, you can use a dry mascara brush or lashes brush to stretch-out your lashes.Apply Your Eyeshadow
The eyeshadow also plays a major role because it goes a long way in determining how flawless your face-beat turns out. But one important thing to know is that eyeshadow comes in different colours, and ways of application. While some people apply their eyeshadow directly to their eyelids, some first make use of a concealer to lay the foundation of their eyeshadow. Also, your eyeshadow is used in creating those smokey, sultry and ombre eye-makeup you see around.Apply Your Mascara
Applying your mascara is absolutely optional as this is only applied to the lashes in order to elongate it or fix the straps of your lashes. The mascara also comes in different colours but the mostly used is always the ‘black’. To apply your mascara, carefully play around your eyelashes in order to avoid ruining your full makeup or any eye irritation.
Fix Your Eyebrows
As a real KOKOnista, making sure your brows are on fleek is key. To keep your eyebrows in check, it is important to always learn how to sharpen them (this we will discuss very soon in our DIY series). In as much as you have your brows in shape, all you need to do to keep it fleek is tracing the shape of your brows with an eye-pencil (preferably a colour 18 pencil). Once you are done tracing your brows, all you need to do is fill and after that, you apply a little of your concealer on a defining eye brush then wipe off unnecessary stains around the brows area.Blush Your Cheeks Off
Oh blush! Blush is one of the cutest makeup elements you can ever imagine because its so magical! Its one makeup you can play with while applying your makeup. Blush adds more beauty not only to the cheek area but also the entire face of a lady. It comes in different colours as well but DO NOT be deceived, if it doesn’t blend with your makeup then its a no, no! So, the trick is just play around your brush according to your skin colour, eyeshadow and entire makeup.
Keep Your Lip Game In Check
Lipsticks are so adorable that it gives you different options to pick from ranging from the colours, looks and many more. When applying your lipstick, you have to be sure it suits your kind of makeup perfectly and that’s when you determine if it is going to be matte, glittery, glossy, or metallic and also if it is going to be a single coloured lips or ombre.Photo Credit: Getty

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