Thursday, May 23, 2024

Beautiful Trauma: Pink Unveils The Artistic Cover For Her Forthcoming Album

American singer Pink with the birth name Alecia Beth Moore is colourfully and creatively promoting her upcoming album, Beautiful Trauma. The 37-year-old Grammy-winner shared the album’s brash cover art Wednesday in tandem with the release of its first single, What About Us.The cover pictured the singer standing in front of a deserted gas station wearing a white diamond-studded bustier with an enormous silver jacket with red lining over it. The musical artist has her wavy blonde locks pulled back with the top hairstyle waved off to the side, as she paired it with a reflective sunglasses and hoop earrings.Pink in a caption alongside the radiant cover art, said that she ‘could not be more excited right now,’ as the album will be released in its entirety in about two months. She wrote, ‘I’m certifiably, insanely proud of this album. It’s been a while, and I’m grateful for all the years we’ve had. Looking forward to the next chapter with you.’Photo Credit: Pink

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