Monday, February 26, 2024

That Awkward Moment! Bella Hadid ‘Denied’ Entry Into Drake’s Private Party

For some reasons, not everyone seem to be familiar with all celebrities! American supermodel Bella Hadid was denied by doorman at Drake’s private party before finally being allowed into ultra-exclusive LA club.What an awkward moment it would have been! The club which is popularly known for catering to celebrity clientele, had the 20-year-old beauty pondering what was going on just as she approaches the entrance with an attempt to stepping into the club to have a nice time.With no offence, it just happened the doorman was apparently unaware of her status in the society. Though, he initially stood in her way as she was snapped grabbing the man’s arm while headed into the trendy hotspot.Another stranger was spotted interestingly involved in the conversation but finally, it was ‘reportedly’ unveiled that the doorman late apologized to Bella for the inconvenience.Credit: Getty

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