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Aunty Aurora: Two Women, One Ring, Who Should I Choose?

Dear Aunty Aurora,

Please keep me anonymous. I really don’t know how to do this so I will keep it short. I am engaged to be married in two weeks time and I sincerely love my fiancee. I won’t intentionally hurt her but and I am trying not to hurt her that is why I am asking for help. An old flame recently reentered my life and I am having doubts about my forthcoming nuptials. Prior to meeting my fiancee, I was dating a lady but we lost contact after she moved out of the country and I also relocated. Now that she is back in the country and we talking again, all those old feelings are surfacing and I don’t know what to do. Please help me.

Anonymous, Zimbabwe.Dear Anonymous,

An integral part of growing up is being able to decide what you want and what you don’t want. This is even more important for a man because you will definitely be getting offers and you have to be able to say no to some things. In this situation, i would advice you do a self-examination. Why are you still attracted to your ex when you have already made a commitment to someone else? Do you really love your fiancee or you just settled for her in the absence of another option? In the long run, can  bear the consequences that comes with letting either one of them go? Try not to be selfish while figuring this out because there are two women counting on you to do the right thing.Aunty Aurora.Photo Credit: Getty

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