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Aunty Aurora: Help! Am I About to Make A Terrible Mistake?

Dear Aunty Aurora,
Kindly keep me anonymous. I would really appreciate a quick response as I am in dire need of your advice. It all started several years back when I was still in the secondary school. I had male friend I was really close to and eventually he became my boyfriend. Naive as I was I got carried away with the feeling of being in ‘love’. I was so certain that he was the one I would marry in my girlish dreams so when he suggested that we should get intimate, I didn’t disagree. By the time we were through with secondary school I began to see some nasty habits I should have noticed earlier.I decided it was better we broke things off and I moved on. Now over ten years later, I am finding out that this same guy is to be my brother-in-law. My wedding date has been set already  but I haven’t had the courage to tell my husband-to-be that I had a thing with his brother in the past. The worst past is that this my ex boyfriend is bent on thwarting all my marriage plans because in his warped mind I belong to him. I am afraid if my fiance finds out, he might change his mind about me. Please how do I get out of this mess?
South Africa.
Dear Anonymous,
At one point or the other, we all make mistakes while growing up. The severity of this mistake vary as well. Some are life changing while others, we escape with barely a scratch. Honesty is always the best policy in every relationship and believe it or not, being truthful about your past will definitely save you a whole lot of heartache later in the future. I am sure your fiance has one or two rats in his closet as well, but this is surely not about if your man is hiding something as well. The main thing is to be the one he hears it from. It would hurt him to know you have been with his brother before him but the choice to stay or leave you is totally his. Just give him the opportunity to hear from you and then make his decision. Aunty Aurora.Photo Credit: Getty

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