Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Aunty Aurora: She Has Four Kids From Previous Relationships, Do I Stand A Chance?

Dear Aunty Aurora,
Kindly keep me anonymous. Some time ago I met this lady whom I fell in love with but noticed that she would always get uncomfortable any time I ask if we should take out relationship further and get engaged. Not too long after she confessed that she has four kids already with three different fathers.
From Canada.

Dear Anonymous,
We all have our pasts and that is why the term ‘ex’ exists. Some have had it rough while others just breeze through without stories to tell. The fact that she had a rough past doesn’t mean she is not capable of having a better future with you or anyone else for that matter, it just means that she might require some help from you. For you to be considering a life with a woman who has four kids already, I will like to believe that you understand the implications and you are willing to take responsibility for them both as their father and as a husband to their mother.

Its good your mum likes her too but I hope she knows about the kids. If she doesn’t I hope she won’t raise an eyebrow when she does eventually and it won’t affect your decision. Give yourself sometime to know her better as well. You might just be the man to change her life for good for ever. Aunty Aurora

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