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Aunty Aurora: I Can’t Have Kids But He Doesn’t Know

Dear Aunty Aurora,
I will appreciate if you can keep me anonymous. I am a 25-year-old lady with a very terrible past. While growing up I didn’t really have anyone to me guide through because my parents were late and my grandma raised me. She tried the best she could but I was just too wayward for my own good. At 17 I had my first abortion. Nobody knew about it and I grew bold and had two more within a space of three years. The last one I had changed my life for ever because I narrowly missed death.I decided to change my ways and get an education. Fast forward today, I work with a reputable firm and earn good money. My life would have been pure bliss if not for the fact that I am afraid I will loose this awesome man I have been dating for a while now. Due to complications from my last abortion, the doctor said I might not be able to carry a baby to term. My boyfriend always talks about having kids and all and I have seen how his face lights up when there are kids around. I haven’t had the heart to tell him about my past or the resultant health condition because i am afraid he would leave me.Things are getting more serious between us and the secrecy is slowly eating at me. Please what can I do to salvage this situation?.
Disturbed Girl, Atlanta.Dear Disturbed Girl,
You have really come a long way to be where you are and I am sure that must have required courage and a great deal of inner-strength. Not many people can make a decision to change the course of their life and stick to that decision. Now that you find yourself at another crossroads, its time to look for that same courage and do what is right for yourself and for your partner. Everybody has a past but keeping it secret does more harm than good. You need to give your man an opportunity to decide if he wants to have a life with you or not. If you don’t and he finds out later, trust me he would, then every thing you have been trying to safeguard will come tumbling down. Tell him how things are and let him make his choice. If it is meant to be, it will be, and if not just stay strong till someone who will accept you for who you are comes along. By the way miracles still happen, believe.
Aunty Aurora.Photo Credit: Getty

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