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Aunty Aurora: Can I Trust Her After She Infected Me With A STD?

Dear Aunty Aurora,
Please keep me anonymous. I seriously need your advice concerning an issue I have been dealing with for a few days now. I have a lady I have been dating for a while and my plan has been to go and visit her parents and make my intentions known formerly. Unfortunately some weeks back I noticed some changes in her behaviour and she even became very private with her phone. This was something she didn’t use to do but I decided to just calm down and see if she would come to me and tell me what is wrong.Last two weeks she told me she won’t be able to come over because her cousin invited her to spend the week at her place. I had no problem with that and she left but ended up spending more that a week at her cousin’s place saying that the cousin didn’t allow her to leave. Last week she came as usual and after a few days I started feeling strange and sick. I had a test done and I was told I had a STD. I was stunned. I got home and asked her how she managed to give me a STD but she said it must be a toilet infection. I am really confused but can a test result lie? Please what should I do about this because I am suspecting that she has been cheating?
From Angola.
Dear Anonymous,
I understand your concern for your health. I have heard several stories of people getting infected with STDs through their partners but for me, this is the first time the woman will be the culprit. Whichever it is however, trust is something very vital in a relationship and if you can’t trust your partner with your health then maybe you shouldn’t be together at all. I am not sure which of the STDs it is she gave you neither am I doctor but I think the both of you should see a doctor and maybe, just maybe she might be telling the truth. A doctor will be in a better position to tell if  what she claims is true. If it turns out she did lie then the both of you will need to talk and decide if the relationship is worth the health risk.
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