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Aunty Aurora: Should I Back Out For Him To Be With His Pregnant Ex?

Dear Aunty Aurora,
Kindly keep me anonymous. I recently decided to play a prank on my boyfriend and it seems I have found out more than I bargained for. I sent him a text lying that I was pregnant just to see how he would reacts. It wasn’t even up to a minute after when he called to say we can’t have the ‘baby.’ I asked him why and he said he has a reputation to uphold and he has to lead by example since he is the first son. He said he couldn’t have kids outside wedlock and so I have to get an abortion. I was stunned but still decide to carry on with the charade till the end of the day. 
Later in the night he called again but this time around, I could here a lady’s voice in the background asking him who he was talking to on the phone. I got curious and also asked him who was with him. In response, he said it was his former girlfriend and she was three months pregnant with his child. I saw stars. I was dumbfounded that how is it possible for her to be three months pregnant while we have been dating for a year. I just couldn’t understand it. Since then he has been trying to reach me through calls and text messages but I haven’t responded. Should I just tell him it was all a prank and see what he says or just continue with this lie to torment him. Please advise ASAP.
From SA.

Dear Anonymous,
You took a risk starting that prank in the first place but I am glad it revealed a vital truth about your relationship you were oblivious of. It could have backfired if your boyfriend didn’t have a skeleton in his own closet and you had to tell him it was a prank. Not everyone takes being fooled lightly and it might have caused a rift between you both. As  it is I think the best thing to do is to put an end to the prank and walk away. Its a good thing you are not actually in the situation because you would have been asking for a different type of advice. Just be glad fate was on your side and you realised what was going on before it was too late. Aunty Aurora.

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