Tuesday, June 18, 2024

American Eagle Outfitters Now Offers A Collection Of Denim Hijabs Up For Sale

Remember the American retailer brand Abercrombie & Fitch who got sued In 2009 for discrimination because it refused to hire a young Muslim woman named Samantha Elauf, based on the fact that she wore a hijab. Though the brand lost the case in 2015 after arguing that the garment didn’t fit the “look” the company wanted to communicate through its employees.Due to the fact that Elauf had to take her complaints all the way to the Supreme Court and wait six years after the lawsuit was initially filed to see her victory said something about how hijabs and the almost exclusively Muslim women who wear them, were seen in fashion and broader American society at that time.It’s this backdrop that makes a new offering from American Eagle Outfitters, a brand so often mentioned in the same breath as Abercrombie, to start selling a denim hijab on its site. Celebrating this popular American Muslim model Halima Aden shared an image of the hijab on her Instagram, captioning it “a DENIM hijab” adding the clapping-hands emoji. For Aden fans who had seen her featured in the brand’s latest campaign, the post confirmed that the denim hijab Aden wears in the ads wasn’t made just to accommodate her but every other Muslim fashion lovers.

Photo Credit: Halima Aden

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