Friday, February 23, 2024

1970s Hairstyle Trends: Wedge Looks Stylists Can’t Get Over

Its 2017 yet some hairstyles are still trending even since the 70’s and guess what, its time for some juicy styles you missed out on!On our newly introduced 1970s beauty features, we will be bringing you back to the basics as we re-introduce the ‘wedge hairstyle’. Not just that, we will also be sharing with you ways in which this ever-trending hairstyle has evolved yet never losing its signature look.Wedge hairstyle comes with a trademark look which happens to be more like the full-bob fringe hairstyle of the 21st century. This hairstyle comes in different colours, lengths, styles and of course, can be worn with different types of makeup looks and for all occasions.Back in 1970s, this hairstyles were always drawn back to celebrities such as Dorothy Hamill (a retired American figure skater) who rocked this look like no other. From the global icon, more celebrities joined in even as they decided to promote this haircut until it became one of the most worn short hairstyles.Now, its a brand new era and this trending hairstyle has taken new shape and undergone a little or more twist and transformation as stylists have decided to make this look more like a full fringe hair worn for virtually any event. Photo Credit: Getty

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