Wednesday, July 17, 2024

    Samsung Replaces Apple As The World’s Biggest Phone Maker

    After beating Apple to become the world’s most profitable company, the South Korean electronics giant, Samsung has emerged as the world’s largest maker of mobile phones.Samsung said huge sales of its new Galaxy S8 smartphone and demand for its memory chips are behind the jump in April-June and predicted another blockbuster report for the current quarter to September. Samsung also said net profit surged almost 90% to 11.05 trillion won, its best quarterly result in five years.“The S8 has indeed helped get Samsung back onto its feet, hopefully putting the Note7 debacle behind it,” Bryan Ma, a technology industry analyst at IDC, said before the announcement. “But we also have to keep in mind that a lot of Samsung’s momentum is from memory and displays too, so it’s not all about the S8, either.”Photo Credit: Getty

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