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    Relationship: Telling The Whole Truth Is Important Even If It Hurts

    Generally one of the ingredients many consider vital to the survival of any relationship is the level of trust between the parties involved. Trust as a concept is based on the truths each partner has revealed to the other and which has been accepted as something that can be lived with without regrets and irrespective of consequences that may come with that acceptance. Just the same way, every relationship is unique because of the uniqueness of the individuals in it. 
    A bone of contention for many is ‘how much truth should you actually reveal in your relationship? While some say it is okay to tell all when dealing with your partner, others claim a little lie especially to protect your partner’s feeling is okay. It may be difficult to fault either of this school of thought but here are a few reasons why being honest in your relationship is the best option. When you know you can totally trust your mate, it removes a large potential for worry. It also builds your internal security so that you not only feel good about your partner, but you also feel better about life. Having an honest relationship creates a kind of buffer between you and the difficulties of the world. When you know you have a partner you can trust and rely on for support, it is easier to take risks that can develop you individually because you know some has your back.

    Telling the truth for the most part also makes your stand clear in any situation, this way you save yourself the hassle of pretending to be okay with something you are not. The concept of hundred percent truths may be a difficult one to live with and accomplish because you will most likely hurt your partner’s feelings but in the long run save yourself the drama of explaining why you lied. Holistically, being truthful presents your partner with the real you which they have to decide whether they want or not. In the real sense of a relationship, everyone wants to be accepted for who they are and not just who they are perceived to be.
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