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Relationship: Reasons Why You Should Always See Your Lady Different From You

Hey guys, when it comes to being in love with a lady, there are certain things you should get familiar with as these things will point out reasons why your lady will always be different from you. If you are a guy and you have been wondering why your lady acts in a totally confusing or unexplainable manner sometimes, you are not alone and that brings us to our topic of discuss today which is – five things that makes a lady different from a guy. Knowing how fragile and sensitive a lady can be, it takes extra patience and maturity in handling your partner instead of flaring up or getting pissed unnecessarily.It’s also important to know that unlike guys who don’t buy the idea that disagreements can be fun, some ladies derive more joy from it than you can ever imagine, especially when it has lot of drama involved and that’s the bitter truth but don’t be too bother about it, because the ladies mean no harm, it’s only one of their ways of growing in a relationship. Before we go into five major differences between you two, it’s important to know that as a guy, it’s important to be the man and be mature with your lady staring from how you handle certain girly situations, how she talks to you, handling other women and many more. To cut the long story short, lets quickly analyze reasons why she will always be different from you guys.
1. Manner Of Speech: Sometimes when a lady speaks, you wonder where on earth she got those sharp words from but you just need to understand the fact that, it’s a gift. Ladies are gifted with words but as her man, you just have to help her control it and teach her how to use it positively. Instead of shouting back all in the name of being the ‘man’, calm your nerves down, stay away from her for a while and when you notice she’s calm, walk up to her with nice words and then talk things out.
2. Right Treatment: Ladies love drama, ladies have so much attitude that means a lot to them and enhances their sexiness but unlike the guys who go around with their cool selves, ladies have to prove how hot they are and flaunt some ‘get-out-of-my-sight’ kind of character but you just have to deal with it by always reminding yourself she’s just being a lady. In such circumstance, there’s no point getting temperamental as all you have to do is teach her right ways to carry herself as woman and still remain sexy.
3. Different Personalities: Virtually all ladies are known to be emotional that’s why most times winning an argument with a lady can be super difficult. It’s a regular norm that when dealing with a lady, by the time you’re just thinking and arguing about ‘A’, a lady most times has already helped you to conclude the A, B, C to Z’ of what you have to say and even what you don’t mean to say. So, always learn to be patient with the ladies.
4. Attention Seeking: This part especially to most guys can be very annoying! But the painful truth is that, you just have to get used to it if you still want her around. Ladies love and crave attention and affection like it’s the only food that keeps them in shape and alive. Saying ‘I love you’, ‘I miss you’ and all other sweet words and checking up on them like its social media keeps them happy.
5. Security: One major differences between you two is that ladies always want re-assurance, always want to know the main purpose of the relationship, where the relationship is headed, when the guy is going to put a ring on it, if there’s no other woman, what he thinks about her and many more whereas guys, just bother on things more important to them.

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