Wednesday, July 17, 2024

    Raury Protests D&G Right On The Runway While Modeling Their Design

    American singer, songwriter and rapper Raury Deshawn Tullis professionally known as just Raury, protested D&G for proudly dressing First Lady Melania Trump then later mocking critics with a “#Boycott Dolce & Gabbana” T-shirt. During the finale, he took off his shirt right on the runway while other models walked past to reveal the disapproving message: “Protest D&G,” “Give me freedom” and “I am not your scapegoat.” he wrote on his body. First it was Miley Cyrus dragging out Dolce & Gabbana on social media for its political views, and then shortly after images and videos of Raury staging a protest emerged. Though he was quickly ushered offstage, and footage of the incident was scrubbed from their documentation of the show. Raury in a recent Interview with GQ, said “The ‘Boycott Dolce & Gabbana’ T-shirt completely makes a mockery of what ‘boycotting’ is. Boycotting is the people’s voice. A protest is the people’s voice. It has power,” It changes things. he added “Me, as a young man from Stone Mountain, Georgia, the birthplace of the Klu Klux Klan, I really felt this mockery of boycotting. Who knows, if boycotts didn’t happen, if Rosa Parks and M.L.K. didn’t step up…who knows if I would even exist.Boycotting matters. Boycotting is real. Dolce’s entire campaign says it’s not real. I know that if I walk out there and support or endorse anything that sits next to Trump or support someone who even makes dinner for Trump or whatever, then that means that I support Trump also. I don’t support Trump. So I’m trapped, and I have to let people know that I don’t support Trump and I don’t support those who are trying to undermine the voice of the people. I wondered why I was picked to come out here and support them in a time when they’re going through some heat. So here I am, about to be like, Dolce & Gabbana is cool, but I didn’t know what they had done. And a lot of [models in the runway show] didn’t know what they had done. I felt like Dolce & Gabbana was literally trying to use the youth to wash their hands of any sort of heat from anyone who wants to protest against them.Photo credit: Getty

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