Saturday, December 2, 2023

OJ Simpson ‘Might’ Be Released From Prison Before The End Of This Year

American pro-footballer turned famous murder suspect, O.J Simpson might just be released very soon as he has a parole hearing scheduled that could lead to his release from his nearly nine years in prison.Sources reported earlier this week that the Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners set Simpson’s parole hearing for July 20. Simpson was arrested, along with three others, in Las Vegas on September 16, 2007, after breaking into a Las Vegas hotel room. In December 2008, Simpson was convicted by a Clark County District Court Judge on 12 charges that contained a maximum sentence of 33 years in prison.While in July 2013, the Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners granted Simpson parole on some of the convictions for the incident in Las Vegas, but he still faced at least four more years in prison as part of his original sentencing. It was also reported in May that Simpson could be released from prison as early as October, pending the results of his upcoming parole hearing.
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