Saturday, June 10, 2023

The Obamas Responded To A Wedding Invite And The Internet Goes Gaga

The Obamas might not be in the white house anymore but their good works are still felt. Throughout their reign in Office, they did some remarkable things not common in other administration. For the record, the former First Couple might not show up to your special event when you invite them but be rest-assured  they will try to get across to you and wish you well.The internet melted down after the daughter of Liz Whitlow revealed an invitation sent to Barack and Michelle in December by her mother who was then the bride-to-be, to attend her wedding ceremony earlier this year in March. Though the daring part was the invite sent but the most interesting part was the heartfelt congratulatory message that was sent back by the Obamas at the end of July.

Confirming how nice the former US president and his wife were, several people also responded with their own stories about writing the Obamas on personal events and shared the letters they got back.

Photo Credit: Getty

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