Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Nicki Minaj Features In Her First Ever Gospel Rap With Tasha Cobbs Leonard

Its the very first time and famous rapper, Nicki Minaj is super excited about her gospel track as she got featured by gospel artiste, Tasha Cobbs’ in a new song titled ‘I’m Getting Ready‘. Nicki collaborated with the Grammy Award winner in an epic 8-min victory song in which Nicki Minaj rapped about the persecution she endured in recent times and how she has succeeded in rising above all of them. This is Nicki’s first gospel attempt and her verse is getting all the pass mark from fans who are currently weeping all over social media, talking about how much the song has touched them.In her lyrics, Nicki, made reference to how far she has come in her personal life and career “I serve a God that parted the Red Sea / Multimillion dollar commercials for Pepsi / From food stamps to more ice than Gretzky / I don’t gotta talk, the Lord defends me / I watched them all fall for going against me / Me and all my angels shot the devil up / While you was trying to pull me down, I levelled up,” she rapped in the song. Fans have been reacting to the new hit, lauding it for being inspirational and very touching.

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