Wednesday, July 17, 2024

    Newly Developed Vaginal Ring Proven To Prevent HIV In Women

    Research has proved that thirty-four million people, adults and children, are currently infected with the HIV-1 virus.The HIV infection is mainly transmitted through sexual routes. The epidemic is increasingly feminized, notably in Sub-Saharan Africa where young women are at least twice as likely to become infected as young men. However, researchers say monthly vaginal ring and daily oral tablet, both containing anti-HIV drugs, are safe and acceptable in adolescent girls. The results of the study was presented on Wednesday at the 9th IAS Conference on HIV Science in Paris, France. The study further stated that that the use of dapivirine vaginal ring by adolescent girls, most or all of the time, reduces the risk of HIV infection in women by no less than 56 per cent.Photo Credit: Getty

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