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KOKO’s Men In Fashion: Lets Take A Quick Peek At Some Top Fashionable Editors

Social media may have turned the fashion industry into something everyone wants to be a part of and has also giving anyone and everyone a voice when it comes to stylish matters. But we need to give credit to those who make sure reading fashion articles are interesting. Though they are endlessly admired and easily recognizable within fashion circles, they still manage to maintain a lower public profile but allow their works and business credibility do all the talking. So together lets checkout 7 fashionable editors in the fashion industry.
For a print publication in 2017, GQ has an exceptionally deep roster of talent on its masthead. Tietz has been a steady, if relatively under-the-radar presence there since he was plucked from his job at Club Monaco in 2014.Tom Van Dorpe
As frequent a backstage presence as he is in the audience, the native Belgian counts Nike, Tim Coppens and Hugo Boss among his clients.JASON RIDER
Rider is a big reason why the fashion features in T have maintained their stylistically forward-looking slant in recent years. The stylist and editor is frequently tapped by brands big and small for his innovative point of view, as well.Lawrence Schlossman
Pins’ Editor-in-Chief has seen the New York publication’s focus evolve from well-heeled menswear into contemporary fashion and streetwear. And his personal fashion statement is eloquent.Tim Blanks
The New Zealander’s position as one of the fashion world’s foremost critics was cemented when he won the 2013 CFDA Media Award. He best expresses what he desires from fashion in the way he dresses.Imran Amed
In the space of a short few years, Imran Amed’s personal blog has transformed into an essential resource for hard facts and sharp insight on the fashion industry.Joe La Puma
Sneaker and hip-hop aficionado Joe La Puma oversees and develops the pop culture giant’s vast range of content; and with the magazine churning out anywhere over 200 posts a day, it means more work and less time for him but he still manages to pull smart fashion looks whenever he steps out.Photo Credit: Getty

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