Sunday, December 10, 2023

KOKOnisto Of The Day: Sergio Ines Is The Perfect Gentleman

Sergio Ines has been able to carve a niche for himself with his adorable styles that makes a difference. Sergio within a year after starting the blog, was placed second in South African GQ’s best dressed and last year, British GQ had him as one of their top 10 best dressed men on Instagram.The blog spot is a men’s fashion diary that started with his girlfriend at the time who loved documenting his outfits and putting them up on Instagram, then he realized how important it was to start the blog for normal men. On Sergio Ines blog, you will find the where, what and how of men’s style as well as the fun finds of living a gentleman’s life on the tip of Africa.The street style fashion junkie knows absolutely how well to own his look as he stylishly wears different fashion pieces ranging from corporate, casual and even a mix of both. Taking over mens fashion and promoting menswear, our KOKOnisto nailed every bit of his look. Checkout more of his charming looks.Photo Credit: Sergio Ines

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