Saturday, August 13, 2022

KOKOnisto Of The Day: Lorenzo Liverani Offers The Best Of Casual Wear Inspo

Lorenzo Liverani proves that to dress well, you do not need to masquerade and conceal your true personality, with careful colour, fabric and layer combinations, anyone can achieve a great look that compliments and emphasises their true character, which is the essence of true fashion.He believes passion for fashion, cultured tailoring, the ability to recognize true quality, make it your own and reinterpret it in a stylish, elegant, yet dynamic way with the full understanding and appreciation of all the subtle nuances of the sophisticated details that can only be found in true high quality menswear.His blog Your Mirror Style joined the online universe of fashion bloggers back in October 2012 and the international response it got was incredible. Visitors to his site span the globe from Brazil, Germany, Spain, United States, Asia and of course Italy to name a few of the countries.Lorenzo does not consider himself a fashion victim and does not care to wear a product just because of the current trend, because he feels every choice of collaboration and purchase is carefully studied and considered, but they always reflect his personal taste and style, with an emphasis on quality and craftsmanship rather than price or quantity.Dedication to craft, expertise and creativity are embodied in the outfits that he features in his blog to capture the imagination and inspire creativity in the viewer who no longer has an interest in the cliché of the disposable, mainstream trends. This is because they understand that true style, dress and class is the perfect way to express who you are without having to say a word.Credit: Lorenzo Liverani

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