Wednesday, August 10, 2022

KOKOnisto Of The Day: Aaron Wester Has Got The Juice

Aaron Wester currently lives in New York City but have lived in California, Arizona and UpState(ish) New York. His background is in theatre and costume design, but he spent 10 years as a merchandising manager for a major retailer. Now Aaron is blogging and advising full time! Aaron Wester started his blog from a passion to tell the stories behind fashion. Though It’s easy to throw up a few photos, Aaron cares about who made it, where the fabric came from, what inspired the design or what trend it embodies. Every piece of clothing tells a story and he think it’s important to know that story. For Aaron, his blogspot The Modern Otter is really just a place of discovery. A site for people to find cool places and things and talk about them.Credit: Aaron Wester

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