Wednesday, July 17, 2024

KOKOnista Of The Day: Brooke Teston Makes Looking Good So Easy

Brooke Testoni is a stylist, a writer, a producer and creative director all tied into one. She’s no longer just an influencer. She has been in the fashion industry for over a decade and has subsequently funneled all her experience and coveted knowledge into growing and building her platform and position within the industry. With a background in graphic design and E-Commerce Brooke has managed to turn her blog from something on the side into a full time job. It’s her unique creative direction, showcased through both her fashion and interiors which has secured her spot as one of the most influential and recognizable fashion bloggers within Australia. Brooke doesn’t follow trends; she moulds them to fit her own personal style. A perfect blend of vintage meets modern day society. Not only in fashion, but in every aspect of her life. Her followers look to her for a distinctive sense of inspiration. They don’t want to be seen as a copycat of the latest fashion, rather, want advice on how to work it into their own wardrobe. Just as Brooke does.Credit: Brooke Testoni

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