Sunday, December 10, 2023

KOKOnista Of The Day: Amber McNaught Portrays Charm Effortlessly

Amber McNaught is a journalist-turned-blogger working solely to support an expensive shoe habit. She likes holidays in California, 50s-inspired dresses, red lipstick, and ghost stories. Amber lives in central Scotland with her husband, Terry, 109 pairs of shoes (and counting), and far too many dresses. Her blog is her attempt to tell the story of her life through words and photos: from the clothes she wears, to the places she go, and the things she do. It’s also a continuation of the paper diaries she started keeping when she was 11 years old, and continued right up until the start of her blog, in 2006. Amber has spent her entire life telling her story in one form or another, and now she’s using this space to bring it all together, and to continue the story in the form of her daily blog posts about whatever takes her fancy. She’s most often described as a fashion or lifestyle blogger, but she still think of herself primarily as a diarist, and her blog is the reflection of that. Photo Credit: Amber McNaught

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