Sunday, December 10, 2023

KOKO Quotes: You Are What You Think!

We all already know that we are what we drink. Science has overplayed that tagline and it has sunken into the deepest membrane of our brains that our bodies are majorly composed of the fluids we drink. But while the laboratory experts have boldly figured out the importance of what’s in our cups, the life experts have also figured out that beyond what we drink, we are actually what we think.You see, what you think determines your life. You attract the material equivalent of your thoughts. Your life can never rise above the quality of your thoughts. If your thoughts are always malicious and unforgiving, for some unexplainable reasons that can only be attributed to the forces of the world, you discover that your life is filled with malicious and unforgiving reactions from people in your life even when it is not provoked.Ever noticed that the dream you were so fixated on when you were growing up has somewhat come to pass. It might not be the exact picture but the picture still tells the same story as the dream. Everybody eventually becomes the thought that dominates that mind and that must have been why famous financial success author Napoleon Hill said;
“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve”Photo Credit: Getty

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