Sunday, December 10, 2023

The KOKO Magazine: Queen Of Media Peace Hyde Opens Up About Her Faith, Marriage And More – Out 7 August

She is big, bold, beautiful, inspiring and unapologetic. In the latest edition of The KOKO Magazine – released next week, our cover star Peace Hyde gives an intimate account of her life, charity, her award-winning Forbes programmes – My Worst Day with Peace Hyde” and “Against The Odds”, her empowering journeys and decisions that propelled her to be unanimously crowned the African queen of talk show. And of course she talked about the topic everyone is talking about – Marriage!Rarely do Africans get to see Peace’s life beyond the screens but The KOKO Magazine had a chance to go behind the curtain and reveal what makes this purpose-driven, stunning queen tick. From her thoughts on religion to the interesting reason why she refuses to get rid of a particular black dress from her wardrobe, Peace was as candid and revealing as never before. Read excerpts from the interview below;
On feminism – Be it Beyonce’s or Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Feminism:
I would not say I am a feminist…both men and women have roles that have been predefined by God and I don’t believe in blurring the lines….
On who she looks up to:
My mother…I call her superwoman and I can only hope to be half the woman she is.
On the hardest part of being in the media industry:
Whether you like it or not, your actions have an impact on people who follow you whether positively or negatively….
On African marriage and breakups
I believe the problem is not marriage. I think marriage is an institution created by God. It is a perfect institution….Read Peace’s full interview in The KOKO Magazine, out on Monday 7 August
In the magazine, we also highlight the hottest summer beauty buys from Kim Kardashian’s new beauty line to Pat Mcgrath’s new lips collection. Our in-house editors give our KOKOnistas the season’s trendy hairstyles, fashion guides for the curvy ladies and everything in-between. And catch up on all our regulars from Busayo Oladopo in ‘My Style’, to our stylish ‘KOKOnistos’ and not forgetting ‘The Insider’ stalking the best parties and events in Lagos and abroad.The KOKO Magazine is out on Monday 7 August

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