Thursday, November 30, 2023

Justin Gatlin Frowns At The Media Coverage Of His Victory Over Usain Bolt

American sprinter Justin Gatlin, who had an unexpected victory in the men’s 100m final at IAAF World Championships on Saturday in which he defeated Bolt on his final race before retirement, has accused the media of dramatizing his rivalry with 8-time Olympic champion, Usain Bolt.The 35-year-old has been banned twice for drug offenses and was booed every time he was introduced to the crowd at the London Stadium before the 100m heats, semi-finals and final. Even after his victory against Bolt, spectators still jeered once it was clear that the 2004 Olympic champion had won gold.However, the crowds disapproval subsided as soon as Gatlin stepped on top of the podium to collect his medal. Gatlin who has a poor record especially in relation to drugs spoke to reporters saying “It leaves me scratching my head. I’ve been back in the sport since 2010. I wasn’t booed in 2012, ’11, and ’12 — which was still in London — ’13 or ’14 or ’15 and not that much in ’16, he said. “I understand why, you have black hat, white hat; good, evil, but I think it was sensationalized by the media between two people who have the utmost respect for each other.”Photo Credit: Getty

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