Sunday, December 10, 2023

The Juice Freed At Last! O.J. Simpson Granted Parole After 9 Years In Prison

Renowned murder suspect, O.J. Simpson has finally been granted parole after nine years in prison for a botched Las Vegas robbery. According to ABC News, Simpson, 70, could now be released as early as Oct. 1 following the decision by a group of four Nevada commissioners late Thursday.During the parole hearing, the imprisoned former NFL star maintained that he didn’t intend to steal but “wish this would have never happened”. Former American darling Simpson landed in the slammer following an arrest in 2007 during a botched robbery in Las Vegas, when he led a group of men into a hotel and casino to steal sports memorabilia which he claimed belonged to him at gunpoint.Simpson reassured the board he would be successful meeting the conditions of his parole before it was granted, saying, “I’m not a guy who lived a criminal life. I haven’t made any excuses in the nine years I’ve been here and not trying to make an excuses now.”Photo Credit: Getty

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