Thursday, March 30, 2023

Internet Goes Crazy After 16-Year-Old Sasha Obama Is Spotted Kissing A Mystery Boy

Is that you Sasha Obama? Indeed, the Obama daughters are really living it up. Just hours after Malia Obama set the internet ablaze with her dance video at a music festival, her younger sister, the 16-year-old Sasha Obama, was spotted tongue-kissing an unidentified boy in public.From the snapchat photos, it is unclear if they were taken at the venue of the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago where Malia went totally apeshit the other night. However, it has gone viral and is already stirring major conversation on social media. In one photo, the 16-year-old was spotted chatting with a guy. It was captioned, “Matt gonna get Sasha Obama.”Unfortunately, this is Sasha’s first time to be caught in such a situation unlike her sister who is often making the headlines for scandalous reasons. Folks are either angry with the unnecessary attention on the Obama girls, or they are pissed with the anonymous people who leaked the photos. See some reactions below:

Photo Credit: TSR

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