Thursday, August 18, 2022

Inspiring! Angela Simmons Shares How She Conquered Insecurities After Child Birth

Famous media role model, Angela Simmons took her Instagram page a post on how she scaled through insecurities after the brith of her child. Angela made clear statement on the importance of child birth and how giving birth can change a lot of things in one’s life.In a photos taken by Krish, the dazzling diva opened up saying “I stand before as a woman who has had many insecurities.. But not as many as you have after you bear a child . I have to constantly find my inner strength in me to work for what I want . And no it’s not easy . Not easy when the world offers you the very quick way to alter how you look … in a blink of an eye. (Which works for some people and that’s ok)…. The past year of my life I have watched my body go up and down in weight . I gained in different areas .. it’s such a different battle after child bearing . Weight doesn’t drop as quick .It takes true dedication and strength to lose it !!!! So instead of any quick results of any work …. I have challenged myself to stay true to myself and learn to love every piece of myself .. and to me that takes daily strength ! It takes a lot to stand behind a camera of anybody when you have doubts and insecurities !!! I thank you @krishphotos for allowing me to open up and feel free enough to be me !!! Although you maybe looking at a photo with some touch ups . It’s still me . I think the beauty of photographer is that there are different styles of shooting . And a photographer allows us to be our best self in front of the camera . And make us feel great !! These photos are a small series of some fitness inspired shots !! I will roll them out within the next couple days . ❤️❗️For the shoot, she had her stunning shimmer makeup done by Renee which she paired with her lengthy center-parted curly hairstyle. With sexy sporty swimwear from Ashley Gates, Angela was styled by King Troi.Photo Credit: Angela Simmons/Krish

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