Saturday, December 2, 2023

Game Of Thrones Preview: The Queen’s Justice Visits The Seven Kingdoms

HBO has released both teaser images and a teaser trailer for Episode 3. The trailer shows off some of the fallout from last week’s episode. The preview opens with an increasingly determined Daenerys proclaiming that she will rule the Seven Kingdoms.We then see a shot of Euron victoriously riding back into King’s Landing. In episode 1, Euron promised Cersei that he would return with a gift, and judging by the end of Episode 2, that gift is Ellaria Sand. After some rapid shots of Tyrion, Sansa and the Unsullied vs The Lannisters at Casterly Rock, we see a tease for the big moment: Jon Snow, meet Aunt Daenerys.This is something that still has yet to happen in the books and is thus an event that some fans have been waiting more than a decade to see. Watch the 30-second trailer below.

Photo Credit: Getty

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