Saturday, June 10, 2023

Francois Fillion Scandal! France Bans Politicians From Employing Spouse

In response to a scandal involving former prime Minister Francois Fillon and his wife, french politicians have been banned from employing their spouses or children as parliamentary assistants.This law which was one of the first to be approved since President Emmanuel Macron’s election in May, will apply to ministers and members of parliament, bringing France into line with countries like Germany and ending what is a widespread family business. This law was voted in by members of the National Assembly on Wednesday night and on Thursday. Emmanuel Macron who is 39-years-old has promised that he would end practices blamed for widespread voter distrust of politicians. However, the bill on family hires was criticised by some politicians, during a pre-vote debate where one of them, Julien Aubert of the opposition “The Republicans party”, said it was excessive. “It’s like pig flu: one pig is ill and the whole herd gets put down,” he said.Photo Credit: Getty

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