Saturday, August 13, 2022

‘First Super Nude Shoot’ Kylie Jenner Displays Assets In V Magazine

The youngest of the Jenner – Kylie, is super sexy in new photos taken by famous celebrity photographer, Nick Knight for her new editorial with V Magazine. Styled by Anna Trevelyan in gorgeous colourful sheer pieces, Kylie nailed absolutely all looks in photos shared.For this shoot with Nick Knight, Jenner was truly exposed. “That was actually my first super nude shoot,” she says over the phone from her new $12 million mansion in LA’s Hidden Hills. She’s only recently moved in. “I always post sexy pictures, but have never really gone nude.”In a very sheer gown by Fendi, her come-to-bed eyes peer from under a towering Lady Bunny wig. Jenner has become synonymous with wigs. Each one, crafted together with her hairstylist Tokyo Stylez, she says, “gives me a different confidence.” And since she first glommed onto the idea that she didn’t have to bleach her hair every time she wanted to switch up her look, wigs have flown off the shelves and into the hands of her legion of followers.It’s impossible to put a number on it, but Jenner’s influence has doubtlessly shifted tons of hair, reinvigorating the bespoke wig and weave industry. “All I know is that when I go into weave stores, they have colors that I’ve worn, which is cool,” she says. It was inevitable, since her days doing meet and greets brought out the copycats in droves. “Back then, I dyed my hair blue and teal and other colors. I would do meet and greets and every other girl—even guys—had teal hair. They’d be like, ‘I did this because of you! Everyone has teal hair now!’”Credit: V Magazine

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