Thursday, July 18, 2024

    Fashion DIY: Redesigning Your Plain Denim Jean To A Ripped Jean

    Are you tired of that denim jeans and want a new chic look? Then this is for you!

    When it comes to KOKO’s DIY sections, creativity takes the lead. Most times, knowing exactly how to fix things yourself help generate ideas you couldn’t have imagined and that brings us to this week’s discussion on fashion DIY – Redesigning Your Plain Denim Jean To A sprouts Jean.Denim jeans come in different colours, styles, length, looks, and many more. It’s time to learn about the magic and trick to making your denim look new. Checkout the steps below:
    1. Denim Jeans: First, make sure you have your denim jeans in place as this will serve as the main item you are to work on. Remember it comes in different colours so the choice is all yours.2. Scissors/Razor: Yeah, sharp objects and yeah also, you have to be extra careful! The aforementioned objects are usually used at intervals depending on how big, small or tiny you want the cut to appear.
    3. Trace The Look With A Mark: For this part of turning your denim into a new look, get a pen, chalk or even safety-pin to mark-out where you want your ribs.4. Soften The Material Of The Denim: First, lay your denim flat before tracing through with sandpaper, steel wool, or pumice stone but know this might take time depending on how thick your denim is. If you really want to go for it in the knee or butt area, tape some sandpaper to the floor, put the jeans back on, and slide around on the paper.5. Start Ripping: After your jeans are sufficiently distressed, take your scissors, razor or knife and use the edge (not the tip) to start horizontally scraping the area where you want your rips to be. If you don’t want holes all the way through, scrape enough that you start to see the white horizontal threads beneath the denim’s surface. Once you’re there, you can start using a tweezer to fray the threads.Photo Credit: KOKO Stores / Getty

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