Saturday, December 2, 2023

Daily Beauty Look: Minnie Dlamini Spends Breezy Moment With Red Lips

TV girl Minnie Dlamini was photographed at The Beverly Hills, South Africa spending cool breezy moments in style. The dazzling star poses serving hot sauce look as she flaunts curvy body in white and black straps which she paired with a white bodysuit as she also showed off huge part of her upper body.For her beauty look which got us tripping, Minnie opted for a smokey look which features her red matte lipstick which she paired with her brows on fleek. With reflective glasses, she went all out flaunting beauty in with her sleek hair packed in form of a ponytail. She also didn’t leave her strappy-heels out as she rocked them so well like a boss.Photo Credit: Minnie Dlamini

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