Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Bonang Matheba Says She Recalled Book To Silence Critics

South African icon Bonang Matheba has stated in a video clip that the reason she decided to fix the errors in her recently published book was to “keep these people quiet”. This comes after the backlash the local star received after it came to light that her memoir, Bonang: From A to B, was filled with factual and grammatical errors.

Futhermore, in the video clip she states: “So there was drama surrounding my book, so I said, you know what, in order to keep these people quiet, let’s take this book back, reprint it and fix the things they thought were wrong with the book and re-release it. It’s going to be a brand-new edition coming out at the end of this particular week. My book tour starts again and I think it’s so awesome that my fans have been supportive. I’m so excited. I think there is a reason why everything happens. Now the book is even better.Photo Credit: Getty

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