Beauty Guide: How To Wear Your Rose Gold Hair Like A Celebrity


So many fans look up to their favourite celebrities in different ways ranging from their fashion taste, lifestyle to even beauty looks but very few know exactly how to go about this especially when it comes to their beauty looks.On KOKO’s beauty guide for the week, we will be looking at ways to wear your rose gold hair like a celebrity but it is important to first know what exactly is trending in the celebrity world before trying to look like them. So, as we all know that the ‘rose gold’ colour is one trending colour in beauty especially with the hair, its necessary to know which celebrity rock this look and how exactly she rocks it that is why, we will be sharing with you few stars who wear this look.

Rita Ora goes nude and matte with her lipstick and rose gold hair

Kylie Jenner is one major star who rocks the rose gold hair colour perfectly with her makeup

Kat Perry rocks her rose gold hair with glossy lips

Analyzing the looks of each celebrity from Kylie Jenner, Katy Perry, Rita Ora and many more, it is obvious the best makeup look that suits this hairstyle is a natural makeup look.Photo Credit: Getty

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