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Beauty DIY: Fast & Easy Steps To Making A Braided Wig Yourself

Braided wigs seem to be taking the spotlight in beauty and ladies can’t help but queue up as they keep ordering for theirs but have you ever wondered how to get out of that long queue by trying out a braided wig yourself without getting disappointed or worried the one you ordered for hasn’t arrived or wasn’t exactly how you wanted it? Today, we will be putting you through few steps to making a braided wig yourself.First, we need to understand we all need to get ourselves familiar with the items needed to carry out this task.Below are the materials:
– Attachments
– Scissors
– Wig Cap
– Ventilating Needle
– Lace ClosureAttachments

It’s always important to have your attachment in place. Attachments are one of the major requirements as this serves as the main weave being turned into a wig.Scissors
This item should be your best friend because it plays huge role in determining the size and length of the hair. This is used in cutting the attachments into your preferred look.Wig Cap
Yeah… Highly needed because it’s the main thing the attachment will be sown on. The wig cap is the one worn after the whole process has been done.Ventilating Needle
The ventilating needle is the main driving item used in making a wig. The needle helps stitch the weave or attachment to the wig cap.Lace Closure
Some may ask why closure? Closure serves good deal because thanks to this brownish skin-blending lace material, most people won’t be able to tell if it’s a wig or not. Not just that, this fabric makes your wig neater and keeps it in place.To make your wig yourself, there are several methods. But the most used and fastest method is to first of all stitch the real or synthetic hair to the lace wig foundation. This can be done with the help of a ventilating needle and thread.In the process of stitching hair to foundation, you must use the right ventilating needle. The right size depends on the number of strands you want in a single knot. For more strands, choose a larger needle. For fewer strands, choose a smaller one.Then pull the hair through in a loop and knot it onto the lace. You will need to single-knot or double-knot sections of hair, which is made from only a few strands, onto the individual gaps in the lace foundation using your ventilating tool.Photo Credit: Getty

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