Wednesday, July 17, 2024

    Beauty DIY 101: Step-By-Step Ways To Fixing Your Contact Lenses

    Many love contact lenses but very few know exactly how to wear this beauty magic themselves without the help of the person standing by their sides. This week we will be discussing simple and straight forward ways of inserting contact lenses yourself while next week, we will gladly share tips on how to take them down yourself.Step 1: First, you MUST make sure your hands are clean and dried.

    Step 2: Deep the lenses into its solution to rinse and take-off every dirt especially if its not brand new but ensure while rinsing, you DO NOT mix-up both eyes so pay attention!Step 3: Now, put the lens on the tip of your index finger and make sure your lens is not inside-out.

    Step 4: With free fingers of the other hand, hold your upper eyelid in place to avoid unnecessary blinking and water-flow from the eyes.Step 5: Then with free fingers of the inserting hand, pull down on your lower eyelid.

    Step 6: Looking up to the sky, place the lens to the lower part of your eyeStep 7: Now, gently take your hands off your eyelid allowing your eye to close for a moment

    Step 8: Blink those babies (eyes) a few times naturally so that the lens centers automatically.

    Step 9: Use the same procedure to insert the other lens.Now you can try fixing those magic yourself but NOTE: If the lens feels uncomfortable, DO NOT hesitate to take it down then check for possible damages after-which you can now rinse in solution and then re-insert.Credit: Getty

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