Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Aunty Aurora: We Are From Different Worlds & My Parents Might Never Accept Him

Dear Aunty Aurora,
My name is Anna. I am 26 and from a very religious background. I need advice concerning my relationship and I will appreciate if you respond soon. My experiences with men haven’t been really good even with the ones I believe were equally religious and were from very good homes. It has always been from one heart break to another and for a long time, I decided to stop dating.

Eventually when I fell in love again it was with a guy who unlike me isn’t into religion. He treats me better than all the men in my past put together and the past 6 months of dating him has been the best in my life. The only problem is that now he wants to meet my parents but I scared of taking him home because I know my parents will never accept him. He is opposite of everything my parents stand for because he has several piercings and generally not living the kind of lifestyle my parents will want me to mix with. I really don’t know what to do because despite how he looks, he really loves and treats me so well. Should I forgo the relationship and move on? From Europe.
Dear Anna,
I am glad you can appreciate this guy in question beyond what he looks like on the outside and I think your parents might be able to as well. If they have been aware of your experience in previous relationships that should sway them to give this new guy a chance. Although I do have to ask if you are truly comfortable with his lifestyle or just playing along because you feel you don’t have any alternative. Sharing the same believe on some important things forms part of the bedrock of any relationship so you need to be sure if you are okay with him and his way of life.If you are not then you need to sort that out before even worrying about your parents. In this part of the world, everyone knows how the older generation perceives some behaviour, so your boyfriend must have thought about it as well. Discuss your fears with him and try to come up with a plan. You might be surprised he would be willing to forgo the earrings for your sake, so don’t just keep mute. Also remember that his way of life might be totally foreign to you considering your background, so a lot of things will be changing in your life as well. Just be sure he is worth all the possible challenges you might face because of him. Aunty Aurora.
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